(head of confusion, correlation and connection)

Cold hard facts here – ZhiHolloway Linkedin

I am an artist and entrepreneur…

My name is Zhi Holloway 

it was formally Z-o-e Holloway 

I do many things some well and some not so well.

‘I’m not a punk, a rebel, nor a lost cause. I am someone with a very clear objective who works extremely hard.

My clothing brand is called Not very well NVW 

(you can see it all here)

Recycled articles of apparel available for cold hard cash £$¥ \ trade | Cryptocurrency

Not very well is about the contradiction in life, telling stories in a one-sided way WITH my own personal story alongside, collaborating with other people’s stories to better understand one another.

The key point of the brand is re-use, recycle, and re-custom products. There are many one-off pieces such as jackets, 

t-shirts, tops or sets. Repeat pieces, open-tied trousers, panelled boxer shorts & baseball tops.

As you can see I am inspired and motivated by people and friends, which has sometimes been a cause of contention. ‘Never again, 2016’

I used to be really into photography (you can see it here). I never left the house without a camera I took some photos of Autistic kids at a playground and understood then that I had a connection with them and that I was on the Autistic spectrum, that I communicated on an entirely different level. I also saw what they were eating and it completely freaked me out. (photo coming soon!) This was a transformational moment for me because at the same time I was completing work experience at The Times newspaper and I think I was somewhat homeless again and I’d slept outside in a corner between Mile End and Whitechapel, cycled to Wapping ‘News international HQ’ sat diligently in the editors morning meeting – to listen to staff, one journalist calling Black people halfcast/coloureds and I began to think about what to do about news, print and the Internet. I kept my mouth shut and thought quietly reflecting on projects for the future.

A wise person (thankfully I have the pleasure of knowing many) with a classical education, Vicar Paul Turp friend and mentor gave me this name ‘Adero’ to use feeling it best summed up all I want to do share and create.

Tarmac money means walking the concrete and making money, a particularly Brazilian term.

I have always had a love for film watching hours of VHS tapes in my room. Trance like the state being mesmerised by the Matrix, whilst suffering bouts of bulimia and agoraphobia. Growing up with only five television channels, Jazz music in the car and no talking. Trips to London to get my eyelid fixed at Moorefield’s eye hospital. 

Knowing my Dad was working in animation studio & chauffeur moonlighting somewhere in London trips to art galleries.

On/off depressed teenager, promiscuous, fishing by the canal. Let me know the world is bigger than Hemel Hempstead.